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From : Kharga Oasis

Abeer Mohamed Gadawi Mohamed - 1979 Born in the new oases Kharga valley - 2005 Since now, in an attempt to preserve the heritage and the environmental heritage of the handicrafts, through the dissemination and teaching of some of the handicrafts and environmental in the governorates of Egypt, in an attempt to find technical and technical solutions To develop the form of the product and its function, while preserving the technical and heritage values ​​of it, in order to find unconventional ways to market it inside and outside Egypt, SA In addition to the training provided to the villages and governorates of Egypt through the association, as a trainer in the heritage project, the World Industrial Modernization Center in cooperation with the Italian Organization of UNIDO, Effective participation of youth training in the governorates of the Republic (CDS), commissioned by the National Council for Youth, and the Center for Development Services B for the development of handicrafts, also contributed to Bela.


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