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qena berda

From : Qena & Ballas

Am Mujahid, an 80-year-old artisan, is still working with his hand on the loom to produce pieces of art from kilim, carpets and shawls. Despite the simplicity of design and colors, what is made by Am Mujahid is a piece of wool art protects from cold winter. Am Mujahid is the last artisan working on Burda textile, where he makes a collection of shawls, which is called locally "shamla", as well as some pieces of hand-made kilim from sheep wool. The workmanship and beauty of the colors despite the difficulty of dyeing and also excellence in the distinctive node of the Berda textile make this art a unique product must be maintained. In the past, when many artisans worked on the Berda textile industry, a special type of black wool kilim was made, which was used for floor mats inside the house. The wool used in its manufacturing was used to protect from winter cold as it was also used for Bedouin tent cloth. Am Mujahid is still working on Al-Burda textile, in addition to Assuty Kilim and some other types of klim. And always produces art pieces of kilim and shawls.

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