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51 places to see in Gebal Elba protectorate

hany galal & Usama Ghazaly


Did you ever went before on a journey to the far south of Egypt. We don't mean Luxor or Aswan or even Nubia. As beautiful as these places are what we are talking about in this article is something else, something will make you take the long trip to the far south of Egypt, to the beauty of nature and landscape that was made with no machines, no technology, no interruptions.

pure air away from the city rush hour even in the middle of the night, a soothing sound of the red sea gentle waves, a profound silence of the infinite desert under a curtain of bright stars inside the blue carpet of the sky. A simple life of relaxing you will not find elsewhere, just as you will see a lot of bird species you will not see elsewhere. Between the wild life of the desert, the smile and pure spirit of the local citizens and the relaxing nights every where, you will find the way to rediscover your life as you never did before, this is the guaranteed feeling you will have after a trip to the beautiful eastern desert and Gebal Elba protectorate.

Now sure you are asking "So ... name a few places. sure I will not go there without knowing where to go", will if you are realy considering going to the most beautiful places on earth, here are some places you should visit that will give you 51 different experiances, 51 reason to visit the eastern desert and Gebal Elba protectorate:

  1. Ebruk Villag and the shrine of Shekh Hemed " while you there ask for Hag Hamed's diary book, the ranger of  the eastern desert gateway - god bless his soul -".
  2. Abo sa'fa Village/Oasis and the ancient water gate.
  3. Abo sa'fa water eye and descovering rare reptiles in an interesting 2KM walk. 
  4. Pre history drawings of Def valley and Def well "You will be very luky if you catch the kilim artisans there".
  5. The roman castle of Ebrok on top of mountain Ebrok.
  6. Water eye in Ebrok "You can take a lot of memorable photos of some rare birds and reptiles".
  7. Al-Gaheleya village "ask to drink a tea with the villagers there and see also the gold mines in the entrance of Rahaya".
  8. The castle of mountain Al-Anbut in the entrance of Al-hodean valley one of the oldest checkpoints of the old traveling roads.
  9. Take a 4X4 car in a journey through Al-hodean valley and see the deer and the african eagle on top of Akashya trees.
  10. Mountain Al-Mashbah and Shabeh.
  11. Mountain and mine site of Om-Altoyor on of the oldest roman/english mining sites.
  12. The valley of Aykat and the forest of palm trees there.
  13. Al-Esela village which is occupied by Al-Beshariya tribe. One of the best places to take a walk between the mountains.
  14. The passage of Akwatewa just outside of Al-Esela village.
  15. The graveyard of Al-Esela village.
  16. The village of Heeba and the small Oasis of Al-Attl trees to the water eyes of mountain Abo-Haddid.
  17. Interesting car trip to the valley of Al-Rageem.
  18. Valley of Da'eb and the longest dry river in egypt.
  19. Trees of Adleeb & Mangroov on the coast of the dry river.
  20. The port of Eizab.
  21. The historical city of Shanshaf.
  22. Al-hashaseet dunes behind Elba mountain.
  23. The valley of Kamraba with the biggest forest of dragon trees in egypt "See a magnificent view of sunset from up there".
  24. The valley of Eideb and the biggest forest of Akashya trees.
  25. Marsoos Valley and the Al-Dabab Oasis.
  26. The valley of Al-Tawela.
  27. Deer watching in Kotnay and Hadarba.
  28. Climb mountain Sarara and discover the oldest gold mining sites south of Elba mountain.
  29. Hike through Hankof valley and see morenga trees and the wild palms.
  30. Well of Ein Al-Negma the biggest gathering site of wild doves.
  31. Climb the hills of Al-tawela valley and watch the wild crows.
  32. The market of Shalateen camels.
  33. The local market of Shalateen.
  34. The handicrafts tent in the entrance of the market there.
  35. The museum of the south heritage for Artist "Abo Al-hassan Takrony".
  36. Pre history drawing in the mountain Ebrok.
  37. Valley of Al-rayana "See the heritage of Abady tribe there".
  38. The forest of Marsa sheab.
  39. Island of Al-Bareed the biggest gathering of turtles in egypt.
  40. Island of Rocky the best diving site.
  41. The sunken boats beside Zabargad island.
  42. The folklorik band of Shalateen.
  43. Bernies port and the archaeological city.
  44. The festival of Sheikh Hamid Bayern.
  45. Hiking through Arteray valley.
  46. The valley of Yahmeb.
  47. The valley of Haritetra and mountain shandeb.
  48. Halayeb village "experience the local coffee shops there with the nicest people you will meet".
  49. Visit artist "Fadel Khaled" in th vellage of Abo-Rammad "See his collection of art work in documenting the south heritage using wood burning technique".
  50. Climb the Garf mountain and see Elaket Oasis.
  51. Valley of Ebb with Abady and Bashary tribes and drink some of the camel milk there ... it's very good.

If you have any question of how to go there or want to share with us your experiance in visiting some of these places plaese feel free to drop you comment down below. Hope you will have fun there and take the journey of your life. 



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