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# Harvest and # Nurg and # pond

usama ghazali


# Harvest and # Nurg and # pond ... From moments I was talking with a friend about this, although the rituals associated with the harvest of wheat was slow and many but with a large pool and the value of real essence and collective work and spirit in everything ... Harvesting, filtering and separation of the wood or the thorn of flipping in front of the wind to separate the grain from the straw, preceded by the Nourg by turning the teeth of its iron wheels on the wheat to separate the spikes from the wheat

And above the children with the grandparents and with him the pressure of cattle that tighten the Nurga pressure on the ears to separate the grain from the ears and then wheat flour piles and then sifting with the sieve grain of camel skin technology and separation ..... And finally, the storage or storage in the yield Or the quantities of the house stored with # traditional clay wool ... stages were a collective work and a blessing and value ..


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