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Olympics Egypt popular games

Usama Ghazali



#Olympics is actually the first to organize an actual Sports Olympiad for ancient Egyptians..... you find dozens of games continue their legacy to cross Egyptian cultural communities.... example game inch and two or ạlsẖbr and fist.... I knew until recently The Nubian Village, oases of oases and some middle-Level (according to the Egyptian Folklore Archive, also known as with), was indeed a big part. From Communication, education, cooperation, learning and coping for generations....

What shows that the olympiad is Egyptian, not Greek, like Ahmed Diab, specialist researcher in Egyptian Hieroglyphics at the university of all Austrian wings, for the "pyramids" newspaper, that the idea of Olympic games belongs to ancient Egyptian people and not to Greeks as they think.... In "Beni Hassan" Cemetery in al-Minya in Egypt, there are tombs of the central state for the 2100st and 1800th families, about 2100 years bc.... in these tombs, we see very colorful patrols and decree of the Olympic games Not at all and from them, wrestling, boxing, archery, athletics, and blasphemy, as ancient Egyptians have played different games using ball


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