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Qena ... the place of million heritage stories

hany galal & Usama Ghazaly


Qena, A big governorate in the heart of Upper Egypt. A place where a lot of stories begun and still going on, from the era of ancient egyptians when it was one of the capital cities of that time, to the islamic era when it was an important stop in the old pilgrimage road, a lot of muslims pass through Qena during the holy pilgrimage time coming from Libya, Morocco and north africa. A lot of them also settled in and started their own schools for islamic teaching there, they saw the pure soul of Qena and its people and knew that this city will continue to be an important place for a lot of reasons.

The local citizens of Qena have a lot of stories to share with us. stories about the history of Qena, the industries that started and remain there and the most importantly stories about their forefathers heritage. They have millions of those and we would like to share some of them with you today. Here are some stories and places you want to visit in Qena will capture your heart and make you decide to go there immediately:

  • The workshops of folkolorik "Ferka" textile.
  • Pyramid of Naqada and the tomb of "Om Mena".
  • Temple of "Set".
  • Palace of prince "Youssef Kamal" in "Nagaa hammadi".
  • Palace of "Makram Ebeed" basha in Qena.
  • Workshops of "Ballas pottery" and the old graveyards of "Ballas".
  • The old "Danfiq" monastery.
  • "Al heta" temple in the roman road.
  • Pre history drawings of mountain "Qomola".
  • Hiking through the "western Hadaba" mountains.
  • Mosque of Sidi "Abdelrahim Al-Qenawy".
  • The last workshop that makes "Qenawy Qulla".
  • Graphity drawings in the graveyards of "Hoo".
  • Pottery workshops of Sheik Ali.
  • "Ruby" island on the nile ... Porto Qena.
  • Qus and "Qesariya" Market.
  • "Omary" mosque in Qus ... the oldest mosques in upper egypt.
  • Center of "Garagous" ceramic arts.
  • "Shanhour" temple and "Qus" temple.
  • The old monastery of Naqada and it's old library.
  • "Dandara" temple.
  • Dove towers inside the gardens of Qena.
  • The last oil extraction shop in Qus "Zare' squeezer".
  • "Danfeq and Mahrousa" weekly local market.
  • Old houses of Nqada and the old Naqada road.
  • "Nagaa Al-Barody" island and the stories of the sunken ships of the French campaign.
  • The folkolorik band of "Garagous and Hassany".

All these places and more have it's own stories which will be very interesting to hear about from the local citizens there. As you can imagine that some of them are very ancient from the age of pre history and some of them goes back to the ancient egyptians, Also others are from the islamic time. We hope you will find joy in visiting those places and tell us all about it in the comment section below.


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