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The heritage of the women's adornment of the Aquarius and the braids

Usama Ghazali


The heritage of Al-Ababdah and Basharya Al-Bajah ... A distinctive heritage in the decorations, in general, especially the head and hair, where it is washed and decorated with the paint of the Daluk and the perfume, decorated with colored beads in the form of curls, and the paint of the bucket consists of lamb paint, Sandalwood, sandal, mulberry and grinded ring. This inheritance is characterized by decreasing sweat, protecting the sun from the desert environment and increasing hair elasticity.

As for the husband, they increase the combing of the bride's hair, and put it in your lap, and put a story of hair on the front called solit, which is one of the tall braids in the form of braids and a gold ring attached to it. The front, after dividing the hair into two layers, most of the top is divided into braids tied by the paw. And the lower layer below, and comb in small braids, not for adornment, but to symbolize the married girl. It is called a broom.

From the book ... Dr. Jihan Hassan on the habits of the South Balchlatin


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