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Your health in the natural mats

Usama Ghazali


Your Health... between carpet (Sponge Sponge) and natural mats.... I gather many specialists that industrial carpets of chemical synthetic ores and carpet have damage especially in terms of disposal of dust and sensitivity and also negative shipments of prostration On him or dealing with a lot, it's hard in every way to get rid of parasites or dust from him. It's like a sponge stored between his inner network and then breathing it out of toxins.. and imagine how much pesticides, kitchen smells or chemicals that We spray it at home or air fresheners, most of it builds up here, but the vegetation from ica or chatters remains normal, where dust is concentrated, due to the nature of weaving cells and natural material of fate, other than health benefits in case of sleep or Or prostrate, for example, without negative energy, changing cell work as a result of any negative energy... but in itself helps you to remove negative energy from the body.. we still have a lot of secrets to begin with. It's always either vegetarian fibers or cotton substitutes or at least natural wool factory in good ways without harmful chemicals.


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