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ABOUT Refegues Artisans in Egypt

Refegues Artisans in Egypt
Everyday, all over the world, ordinary people flee their homes for fear of death or persecution, many leave without notice, taking only what they can carry. They cross oceans and minefields, they risk their lives and their futures. When they cross international borders, they're called refugees.
Faced with the challenge of feeding a family in situations of uncertain economies and security, Refugees often cannot find dignified means of earning and instead remain mired in poor living conditions. Most of them have excellent talents, but do not know how to turn that into income. 

Enactus Cairo University through a partnership with Yadaweya, managed to establish a skills-based income generating activity to some refugee families, giving voice to silent people, reserving their dignity and improving their conditions for a better social intergration. For decades, refugees from around northern Africa have fled to Egypt to escape horrors like persecution, rape and genocide, yet they find that life in their new home is still a struggle. Finding safe, fair employment can be almost impossible.

For Sudanese refugees, the situation is particularly dire. 75% of the Sudanese refugee community in Cairo is trying to survive on less than $1 a day. Finding a proper job, with fair conditions and a decent wage, is almost impossible.
Almost 30 years ago, a small group of displaced Sudanese people in Cairo were battling this same problem, so they started a little workshop to make some means of living. They began with bead-work and printing t-shirts with simple stencils. After a while, they introduced basket weaving. They named the project “Tukul”, which means “small hut”. Today an established social enterprise, Tukul produces a range of beautiful, vibrant products that reflect the style of the refugees’ home nations.


Artisans Contacts:

Eritrean women Fatma Soliman (01001995587)

Justin (Tukul crafts) south sudanese - (01225297431)

Syrian women (bamboo) - (01111349175)

Fatma Somalian women (crochet products) - (01280855690)

Rasha south Sudanese women (Accessories) - (01068057707)

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