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ABOUT Usama Fatthalla Ghazali

Usama Fatthalla Ghazali
Usama Fatthalla Ghazali
Usama Fatthalla Ghazali

Egyptian conservationist Usama Ghazali, work in Gabel elba protected area, Gebel Elba, located on the southeastern border with Sudan, is a mountainous region with an area of about 35,500 square kilometers, about 4 percent of Egypt’s total size. Ghazali said the area is also home to more than 23 rare mammal species, including gazelles, and more than 500 plant species.

Usama Ghazali, 35 year old, is originally from kome el dabie village from Qena and graduated from South Valley University’s faculty of science in 2000, specializing in plant conservation. He has since dedicated his life to preserving Egypt’s national parks, particularly Gebel Elba, where he has been a head ranger for more than 10 years.

in 2012 was declared the runner-up for the 2012 International Young Conservationist Award, which is annually given by the International Ranger Federation and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Ghazali was chosen as runner-up for his work in preserving many of these species, providing comprehensive training of an international standard to new rangers, and being a main contributor to the first extensive study of the endangered dragon tree done in North Africa.

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