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Pottery and Ceramics  Products

Pottery and Ceramics Products

Pottery was produced by the ancient Egyptians from very early period. The pottery of predynastic Egypt was often of a surprisingly fine quality. Badarian period pottery was made without the use of a potter's wheel,. Not until the Old Kingdom do we find the invention of the potter's wheel in Egypt.

The other major type of pottery was made from 'marl clay', best known from material found around Qena in Upper Egypt. This type of pottery was usually thought superior to the common Nile mud pottery, and so it was often used for decorative and other functions. Most of the pottery manufactured in Egypt was made of reddish brown clay, which was ubiquitous, and is called Nile silt ware. It served everyday purposes and was often left undecorated. The red colour of the fired product was the result of iron compounds oxidizing.

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