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The ancient Egyptians wore light clothes made from linen. Linen is made from flax - a plant that was grown along the Nile and in Roman times occasionally cotton, an import from India. Wool was used to a lesser extent. Silk were traded to the eastern Mediterranean possibly as early as the second half of the second millennium BCE and silky dresses have been found in Egypt.


Egypt in late era had a range of traditional costumes. The farmers basically wear different Gallibayas shapes. In upper Egypt Tule dresses also known, in the cities the upper classes adopted the clothes of their conquerors - Ottoman Turks from 1500s, and later European from 1798. To the south the Nubians have their own distinctive like Gergar, costume and across the desert, the Bedouin also have a separate style of clothing with veil and embroidered dresses.

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