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Beja Vintage Rugs -Te Saqwit

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Artisan: Gabel Elba Parks' Artisans
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Product Code: SHT0035
Manufacturing Days: 60 Days
Product Dimensions: 1 m x 2 m
Product Weight: 6 KG


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Tent Divider / beja rugs ( Te Saqwit ) 


Positioned on the threshold between day and night living quarters, a te saqwit is an expansive canvas whose aesthetic commentary has been related to Beja conceptions of love and fertility. These associations are underscored by some of the design elements that are applied to its surface. Both the cowrie shells and the shapes of crescents and full moons are related to female fertility. Cowrie shells with convex sides that have been cut are also associated with a divining system used by most Sudanese populations.

The embroidered emblems have been related to livestock brands used in this pastoralist society as powerful protective symbols. Consequently, this dynamic expanse of abstract decoration may be intended to safeguard the household. This idea is reinforced by another textile included in Beja interiors that features a program of Islamic symbols that deter jinns, spirit entities credited with inflicting madness.

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Gabel Elba Parks' Artisans

Gabel Elba Parks' Artisans

Among acacia trees in Shalateen, an area in the southern stretch of the Red Sea, about 250km south of Marsa Alam . . . . . . . .

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1 m x 2 m

6 KG

Tent Divider / beja rugs ( Te Saqwit )