Desert Coffee kit
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Desert Coffee kit

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Artisan: Gabel Elba Parks' Artisans
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Ababda and Bisharia tribes in the Southern Red Sea display their innovative approach towards the preservation and elegant presentation of their daily drink namely “Al Ga'bana”. ths pottery pieces is mainly name Gabana, which use to prepate and booil the hot wateer with green coffee to make a nice cup of traditonal eastern desert coffee. this heritage extend from ethipoia, sudan, erttrea to south egypt. Their approach has turned their coffee drinking time into a festive daily event. The instruments used to make this drink became a traditional kit kept in each household. This specially designed container named ‘Kabota’ is used during desert excursions. It does not just reflect the importance of the tribal traditional drink, but also an overall inherited cultural tradition. It is made from palm tree fronds in an innovative pattern, which serves double purposes of preservation and decoration of its contents. It is decorated with interwoven, naturally treated goat leather. 


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Gabel Elba Parks' Artisans

Gabel Elba Parks' Artisans

Among acacia trees in Shalateen, an area in the southern stretch of the Red Sea, about 250km south of Marsa Alam . . . . . . . .

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