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Shamandoura Rug

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Artisan: Nubian House Artisans Luxor
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Product Code: NUB001
Manufacturing Days: 15 Days
Product Dimensions: W 60 cm x L 75 cm
Product Weight: 1.5 KG


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Fatma works with the traditional machinery, intricately weaving wool to create her rugs. This rug tells part of a story that aims at reviving the Nubian heritage. Nubians have a very strong relationship with their Nile River, among many other things; it serves as a vital link between the different riverside villages. One of the very first means of transportation on the Nile was named ‘Al Tawaf’: a boat made of interlinked rods of Canna trees. Throughout the years, this primitive boat slowly developed into ‘Al Sonbok’, or ‘Al Shamandoura’ as known in the Nubian Language. The development of the ‘Shamandoura’ was associated with the environmental and cultural changes that occurred, resulting in a type of boat suitable for individuals, as a means to get from one side of the river to another. Later on the ‘Shamandoura’ developed into the ‘Falouka’, made with Acacia wood, used for sailing along the Nile. 

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Nubian House Artisans Luxor

Nubian House Artisans Luxor

Fatma is a young Nubian girl, one of many girls born in the Nubian migrant villages in Luxor, In 1999, she joined a . . . . . . . .

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W 60 cm x L 75 cm

1.5 KG