Building social capital among local communities in Egypt by preserving local indigenous practices that revive the sense of pride in the local Egyptian heritage، also encourages urban consumers to appreciate locally made products and contribute to its development and use technology and social networking as tool for empowering artisans 

Yadaweya is an online marketplace that serves as a platform for those interested in discovering Egypt and its cultural heritage. Yadaweya aims to connect ( offline ) local Egyptian artisans with (online) customers worldwide. Yadaweya's story begins with a team of young Egyptian social entrepreneurs passionate about the diverse handicrafts & handmade treasures of Egyptian artisans.

Yadaweya is not just an online handicrafts marketplace but it also serves as a platform for sharing stories about artisans with customers who value & appreciate the uniqueness of these traditional crafts. Yadaweya aims to contribute to building a platform that helps sustain Egyptian craftsmanship, in a time and place where our skilled artisan partners lack the opportunities for stable marketing and a consistent income stream.

Through Yadaweya, we implementing a context-specific, need-based four-pronged movement of empowering local craftsmen in Egyptian communities that is based on cultural identities and economic strengths. Yadaweya's community model is based on a chain of inter-linked steps. First, we documents and spreads the local communities’ cultural heritage; second, we maps the needs of communities and empowers them to be independent through upgrading their access to skills and resources especially when it comes to technology usage to reach markets; third, we links the community to the public whether the designers who can improve their production or the crowd who can buy it; fourth, and we offers the local craftsmen promotion and supply chain support for their products through his online platform. 

  • Our philosophy :
  1. We believe in transparency as a means to build trust between our consumers and the Yadaweya community.
  2. We believe in the rights of Egyptian craftsmen and women to benefit from the accelerating online market world.

We adopt the fair trade approach for fair benefits, fair sharing, and a fair access to technology for our Artisan Community Network.


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