Art bottel - Egyptian boat

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color brown
size Large
material Wood

Art bottel - Egyptian boat full handmade and assembled inside the bottel

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From:Qena & Ballas

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Standing next to the bottle, which was able to form inside a technical sculpture of the pieces of wood leftovers neglected in the workshops inside the bottle, the young man of 25 years then found in learning a new art on the arena of Egyptian and Arab art called "Art Butyl", a way to overcome the vacuum and poor economic conditions of the country In late 2011. Ibrahim Anter Mahmoud, a young man from Cairo who was originally from Mahrousa village, west of Qena Governorate, now 32, was forced to leave his job at a tourist bazaar after the January 2011 revolution and return to work as a storekeeper. the art. In a long time, Ibrahim works continuously and meticulously to produce a technical product, a bottle of art forms that bears the character of the countries, from the small pieces of wood, a variety of sailboats, full of exquisite technical details inside the bottle, the time it takes to get a bottle of up to 4 Hours. He liked the history, especially the Pharaonic and Islamic, which made him an ancient Egyptian sailing boat, the vehicle of Tutankhamun and Khufu, making his product very distinguished from the rest of the products in other countries and European especially that mastered this art by Its expression, which depends only on the forms of ships in their models. Ibrahim dreams of learning more and opens a large workshop where young people know this art, which we consider to be an area in which we convey our culture and civilization to the West. It helps attract tourists, creates jobs for young people and a new market.  

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