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color orange
material fabrics
size Large ( 45*30 cm )


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Dakhla Oasis Artisans

From:Dakhla Oases

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Dakhla Oasis (Egyptian Arabic: الداخلة‎‎ El Daḵla ), translates to the inner oasis, is one of the seven oases of Egypt's Western Desert. Dakhla Oasis lies in the New Valley Governorate, 350 km from the Nile and between the oases of Farafra and Kharga.  Having considerable amounts of underground water, El Dakhla was the capital of the Oasis region during the Pharaonic period. Today, El Dakhla is one of the most wonderful oases in Egypt with many remarkable monuments, natural scenery, and a large collection of Bedouin handicrafts being sold around the oasis. the Dakhla Oasis is considered to be one of the most attractive oases in Egypt. The oasis boasts over 500 hot springs, including Bir Tarfawi and Bir Al-Gebel Hot Spring, as well as charming mud-brick housing and ruins in the medieval town and village of Al-Qasr and Balat. Dakhla is organized around the main town of Mut, a settlement that dates back to pharaonic times. Although Mut has evolved into a modern touristic hub, you can still see today the remnants of the old town. Stroll along the narrow streets and alleyways of the old town with a guide, haggle with local traders or go cycling in Mut and tour the area at your own pace. Of the most famous character, which is famous for its women Dakhla, wicker palm symbols restricted to women only in their homes. It is a leaf growing on both sides of the alarming palm leaves, ranging in length from 20-40 cm, and to get it is performed vaccinations and annual pruning of palm trees, between March and April. And wicker products industry relies on the white wicker ores and green, white Vakhaws maker of home-use products, and the green is used in their own farm work and construction products industry. The braids are weaving wicker by metal needle called "obelisk",  The ceramics and pottery traditions and traditional occupations that her famous oases people of the new and the valley since ancient times as well, and frequented by tourists from all over the world for the acquisition of those with artistic value manufactures, and most famous area for this craft is the Kharga Oasis Village and Islamic palace incoming center, where Fakhura famous village which is so named because it is a great center for pottery and its products known for the people of the village palace. The date of the pottery and porcelain industry oases to antiquity either Romania or Pharaonic. Also one of the most popular character in Dakhla, to find the ladies in their homes, and men older, practicing wool yarn Palmghazl wooden hand, to produce wool yarn, which is used in Acharz industry, a winter clothing, as the robe made of handmade wool, a folk costume for men. And the villages that have mastered this weave wool, Alepeshnda village, which is an affiliate of the Center tile oases, to become one of the most productive areas for carpets and kilims manual, where the craft has evolved in the village over the five decades Then decorated using cotton and silk threads, and sometimes bars cloth, and take the decorations of paramount importance at the same link occasions festive products such as wedding ceremonies of Ashura occasions, and these products are involved in the celebration of marriage, "Hadovh meat," circuit Asha, spraying the bride and Alngosaih. It wicker products for home use: Alibdarh, a cone-shaped container used to save the wheat, Alngosaih, a smaller volume of Alibdarh, In Dakhla, you can also indulge in total luxury and relaxation at Al Tarfa Luxury Lodge and Spa, a desert sanctuary dedicated to wellbeing and opulence. At the centre of the oasis lies the town of Mut, named after the god Amun's consort, settled since Pharaonic times. Now a modern Egyptian town of squat block concrete buildings, it has decent facilities and makes the most convenient base for travellers. You will, however, have a richer experience of Dakhla by staying in or around Al-Qasr. Mut’s slumping old town remnants and the proximity of the palm groves help to give it a touch of charm – though only a touch.

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