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Bashteel Pottery Community


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Bashteel, a neighborhood in Imbaba district part of Giza Governorate. An area inhabited by many people suffering mostly from poverty and low income rates in addition to the lack of many basic infrastructure of water, electricity and sanitation. Random popular houses that include many families trying in various ways to provide a living and try to continue a decent life. In the midst of all these circumstances, a group of artisans managed to create a collection of ceramic artifacts to open up a means of extra income and chose to form these pieces to take the forms of popular folkoloric characters and other famous celebrities. We find popular folkloric characters from Upper Egypt on coffee shop or at home with the family, we find the seller in the market and the juice walking man, and also find Umm Kulthum with her band and other characters of television series for children. The beauty of the workmanship of these products is the strength of raw materials used by artisans to make the product and the beauty of the colors used in the products bright colors and diversity gives beauty to the product and creativity of the artisans of the region of Bashteel.

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