bedouin embroidery

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Egyptian embroidered embroideries .... Embroidery of the Bedouin crest ..... From the semi-decorative handmade embroideries ... did not keep the artist Sui very rare preparation of grandmothers with experience .... Did not transfer skills for new generations .... Was wearing Shawls or scarves for the wedding of some Arab tribes .... Location: Meit Burh - Quwaisna - Menoufia - Egypt Source: Egyptian Archive of popular revolutions

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Tiltawein Siwa

From:Siwa Oasis

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Salma Mohamed (28 years old) owns and runs a workshop in the Oasis of Siwa with her husband, she designs and executes traditional silver Siwa Jewelry , and she takes advantage of her interactions with the market outside of the Oasis to market and sell Jewelry from other workshops in exchange for a percentage of the revenue. Salma has obtained her high school diploma in the oasis, and due to the distance she could not finish her higher educations; as the nearest collage to Siwa was 350 Kilometers away in Marsa Matrouh. She joined the open education system in the Collage of Science, Cairo University despite that it was more than 6000 Kilometers away, as her father's "open mind and civilization" helped her ease the process and join the Collage for exams.  "Education in the Oasis ends at high school, and many girls don't obtain a higher degree than that because of the distance, I was lucky having a father that didn't kill the curiosity of discovering world outside the Oasis in me" she said . "Tiltaween" meaning the "The Ladies of Siwa" in Tamazight, is the name Salma chose for her Facebook page where she markets her products. Tiltaween is a social movement by the ladies of the oasis founded by Salma and a group of ladies aiming to develop the market for local products (i.e Handicrafts by women domestic workers and agricultural products) and expand the sales of these products beyond the oasis, opening new markets both nationally and internationally. And under that name and in collaboration with "Yadaweya" - a leading company in the support of handicrafts and artisans, Salma is participating in different exhibitions in various cities of Egypt.

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