Cushion cover - Khayamia B

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color White
material fabrics
size meduim ( 50×50 cm )

Khayamia is an ethnic Egyptian art for using multi colored fabrics in making traditional pavilions. Historically, this art was linked to the fabrication of the Holy Kaaba’s cover decorated with gold and silver threads. Although the Khayamia artisans are suffering from extintion but they still amazes the world with master pieces of art that can be used in a functional way like this cushion cover. It reflects the beautifulness of patchwork handicrafts.

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Khaymia Artisans

From:Al Darb Al Ahmer

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Khayamia is an ethnic Egyptian art for using multi colored fabrics in making traditional pavilions. Historically, this art was linked to the fabrication of the Holy Kaaba’s cover decorated with gold and silver threads. The cover used to be produced in Egypt and then transferred to Saudi Arabia in a majestic procession “Mahmal”, until the sixties of the last century. Originally, there was a special ceremony for the endorsement of new Khayamia craftsman, by examining his work through experienced and older craftsmen. In case of success, the new artisan used to host a banquet as a celebration party. Nowadays, entering this craft is automatically done after acquiring the required techniques. Khayamia is fabric art which is done by adding small pieces of fabric of different colours and material on a bigger piece of fabric to create pieces of art. The small pieces of fabric are placed by hidden stitches using a needle. The main area for khaymia arts is khayamia street in heart of old cairo close to bab zewela.

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