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Reem Shaheen

From:zaweya and daher

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On the contrary of most fashion designers who seek to quote from the world design trends, Reem Shaheen, Egyptian fashion designer, took the idea of ​​diving in the folkolorik style to provide suitable customs from Egyptian culture. She takes from the Egyptian rich heritage that contains variety of different forms to produce and develop modern fashion fit for everyday life. She graduated from the faculty of Home Economics Department of garments, in addition to receiving a diploma in Folk Art from the Higher Institute of Arts. She says that when she began to work the concept of fashion design was not prevalent as it is now, which motivated her to study the trend first, and on the other hand, to work in the factories to be study the production process and gain experience to enable her to open her own business, which started as a fashion design for kids. she said "I could see that we have a very rich heritage. It is a treasure we must strive to make it presence in our lives". Shaheen began to implement her designs on limited scale until she study the pulse of the market and see how it will be accepted. «I've worked with some specialists, allowing me the opportunity to visit a lot of rich heritage places such as Siwa, El-Arish and Sinai, and it was, of course, a big influence on me, and implemented deeper in my designs, both in the designs or motifs. also I started working with beduouin women in embroidery, which gives the final product quality and outstanding in addition to diversity. cause every place has its own style and technic» Reem said. She also said "motifs in Arish (north-east) are more geometric and floral forms, embroidered with all the colors, while the embroidery in the oases like Siwa (west of Cairo) vary its forms and have specific colors like yellow, red, green, orange and black. In an area like Akhmim (South) units vary by location because it quotes from the surrounding environment and reflected even in things other than clothing, such as carpets or paintings. We find that the rural environment depends on the plants units, birds and forms reflect the nature of the countryside, while the desert environment based on shapes such as camels and palm trees. This confirms that the local environment is reflected on everything including, of course, clothes and designs." Reem has trained a lot of workers in the field of handicrafts to be developed through the use of the motifs in different shapes and colors and was able in a short period to have a network of relationships with artisans in Siwa, El-Arish, Fayoum, Luxor and Sohag. " Reem Shaheen Fashion House" is the dream that she wants to achieve, which carries a development institution aiming to develop handicrafts and trying to improve the taste of Egyptians in middle and upper class, especially after she noticed that the Egyptians did not know much about their heritage at a time when foreigners accept to buy clothes carrying the heritage character.

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