Garagos pottery

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color red
size meduim ( 20 cm )
material Clay-pottery


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Fustat Pottery Artisans

From:Fustat & Old Cairo

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In an attempt to deal with environmental threats to the inhabitants of the Kum Ghurab district in Cairo, the Egyptian government closed the district's pottery kilns in 2003, jeopardizing the livelihood of potters who trace the origins of their workshops to the establishment of al-Fustat in AD 641, the first Islamic capital of Egypt. In response to this potentially tragic loss of cultural and social capital, a model development project was initiated to introduce modern kilns and commercial units as part of a new potters' village.  By accessing the Fustat in Old Cairo area, specifically the village of Alfajaran will know that you are in the seat of the oldest place for pottery in Egypt since the Amr ibn al-Aas and the Islamic conquest, you'll find that the secret of workmanship is transmitted from generation to generation and their children inherit from parents and grandparents, In the heart of Cairo, specifically Alfajaran village in Fustat area in old Cairo, is the oldest place for pottery in Egypt, since the entry of 'Amr ibn al-'As and the Islamic conquest, present to this day, when logged in to the area find aspects brunette people their hands and their clothes remains of mud, to keep the industry evidenced by history, each of them highly skilled allotted role, where he moves his fingers characteristically piece about wet silt in order to graduate masterpiece.  

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