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color yellow
size meduim
material glass ( 20 cm )


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Pyrex Glass Artisans

From:El Hussein & El Darasa

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The Egyptians probably did not invent man made glass, but they did adapt this technology early on for their own uses. Initially, it seems that the first examples of man-made glass from Mesopotamia and Egypt were beads dating from the 3rd millennium BC. Blown glass vessels were created by sticking a piece of molten glass onto one end of a blowpipe and through the other end introducing pressurized air into the pipe. This was done by blowing. Decorations were added by pinching the hot glass, adding handles or other features to it like strands of differently colored glass which could then be pinched to change simple straight patterns into more intricate ones. The type of glass perfume bottles we see today in Egypt are, however, a more modern art, probably having been made since the beginning of the 19th century. That was when a resurgence in the art form of glass took place.The techniques are now handed down from generation to generation, usually from father to son, as the profession is mainly limited to men. Today, these bottles are most numerous in the famous Khan el-Khalili market, where one may find every shape, size, color and ornamentation of such bottles. Of course, they are also available in almost every location one might find tourists in Egypt. However, most of the glass factories are located in Shobra el-Khema, though there are others right in the Khan el-Khalili and elsewhere. If one is visiting Egypt, it is not difficult to visit one of these factories, and in fact it is sometimes hard not to, as vendors will sometimes insistently beg one to do so. The artist begins by firing the glass and shaping the various pieces of the perfume bottle. In some instances, several artists may in fact work on the same perfume bottle each blowing a different part of the design. The fire, which heats the glass to a very high temperature of 1000 C using pressurized oxygen, makes the glass very flexible. At this point, the glass is almost liquid. source and image link : http://bit.ly/2gVTGJE source: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/perfume.htm

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