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color brown
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material leather


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M.Fawzy - Samar arts

From:El Beheira

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Traditional limited trading handmade from local plants has become a rarity, his appearance on the art galleries and tourist areas is limited, although it poses colored wool yarn from the strength and style of a different industry limited, accounting for its design and its finished products art pieces exquisite, emulate hand artist immersed, saves workmanship heritage of transience and Livni Oawamh developer again where, Vtkll his penile title Aziz, close to his heart, «limited only wool-maker in Egypt». The story begins from the backyard of a country house is simple, familiar residents Alobaadih village of the city of Damanhour Beheira, Iqtzmh man Lent with his wife, not separated by only a wall of crumbling bricks, bake the wife on his right foods of her three sons, while sitting on his left surrounded by paintings art exclusively ended and strings of wool hanging from a carton lies the successor, Mohammed Fawzi, supervisor of one of the orphanages voluntarily, and the maker of the manual a few who inherited his profession from father to son, Vohdah much semi-permanent seat of the highest Noel exclusively installed the floor of clay potted and Mallawi, where he spends most of the day hours. Capture his hands one sticks plant «mulatto» wet basic -vh industry mats Aledoa- Vinsjha accurately and quickly pinpoint, thread taut cotton between the ends of the horizontal loom, and soon to inflict threads of wool, passed gracefully between cotton back and forth, creating a colorful prominent stitches, Ebagtha a powerful blow from a wooden piece called «racket» to create a new line of his portrait. According to the novel Journeyman about the evolution of his craft, rarity were not one of the industry attributes several decades ago, where «resulted in abundant plant mulatto» automatic and development on the banks of the Nile to the popularity of the craft and handed down through the generations, as well as the exchange of the different governorates and villages produced naturally limited to, describes «Fawzi» the impact of his craft golden era, saying Like other employers handicrafts, saturation exclusively maker Buhairi the secrets of his craft adjacent to his father, and trainees in his hands, refers to a small «Yassin» -mak which did not exceed the fourth of age, saying: «I might Yassin CDA we sit right hand paternally we're working, I'm working something wrong Abtunai .. in the year to some extent Atalmt. » However, the story «Fawzi» did not stop at the barrier of his inheritance to craft rare, with the beginning of the new millennium joined shows productive family hope in the distribution and marketing of its production, but over the years, with the end of the last decade, has received a proposal from the director of one of the opposition, Helmy Abdel Dayem, the introduction of a hero new to the scene a few traditional industry, and was the beginning of use of wool

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Crafts By M.Fawzy - Samar arts

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