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color Colors variety
size meduim ( 70 cm x 200 cm )
material cotton


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Fowa Rugs Artisans

From:kafr el sheikh

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Fuwa, a city that lies on the Nile’s Delta, engulfed by colour and bounded by nature. Nature serving as the first inspiration of humankind, and crafts being the first form of art created, the people of Fuwa took up kilim weaving hundreds of years ago. Today, the craft is being embraced by Kiliim Egypt, by adding a modern twist while still maintaining the authentic craftsmanship. The kilim is a traditional textile, often a rug or carpet, made of the flat-weaving technique, patterned with colourful designs projecting facets of tradition. The custom is perpetuated by generations of Fuwan families, serving as their livelihood and canvas onto which their expression of character takes place. However, as with all traditional crafts, the prevalence of cheap technology and the establishment of a globalised hyper-capitalist competitive market have left the kilim-making industry struggling to survive. Cheap labour and the domination of China-made products have unfortunately coupled with the plummeting of tourism, threatening the maintenance and the sustainability of the craft and the income of craftsmen. Kilims art of yarn and the problem of thread wool that has overcome them in the habit natural bright colors and graphics mixed with the components and designs among the Pharaonic and Arab folk art, to turn out at the hands of a virtuoso to a piece of art very magnificence and creativity, not to mention its relevance to the Egyptian heritage. It should be noted that the kilims made from coils wool sheep, and despite the simplicity of its components and drawings, but it always succeed in attracting the attention of lovers of authenticity, also the industry suffered from the development of carpet and technology industry in the countries of the world. In recent years it returned to occupy an important position with the Egyptian Interior Designers.

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