Lemon Wood Doll

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color Green , red
material Wood
size meduim ( 20 cm )


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Lemon Wood artisans

From:Sharkia Gov.

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The drilling on the wood or engraving , the art of the word Alooamh -Ouima means digging inscriptions and drawings on wood, this collection of craft arts carried out by skilled hands to convert wood into a beautiful vibrant piece of art. Wood carving is one of the oldest fine arts in history began since ancient times when the Ottomans decorated different buildings, like mosques, Koran holders, clothing boxes , cabinets and chairs, they used to drill on wood to form beautiful geometric graphics. In our time "Alooamh" is associated with furniture making worksops, so most of "Al Oymagiyaa" workshops are beside furniture makers like in Damietta and some other areas in Cairo, such as El- gammaleya, Souq Al selahh, Abdin, Imbaba, Al Darb Al Ahmer and Al Basateen. The person who works in this profession is called "Oymagi." This art is not new it has been present since ancient times, and all the reliefs on the walls of temples like leaves, people or animals is a proof of this, you can see it on the Pharaonic, Romanian, Greek and Sumerian temples. With the emergence of new educated generations in Cairo, they learned that this art must be practiced and developed by the understanding of Applied Arts concepts, which made them make new forms of Ouima with the sense of mass and characterized by their experience in the use of bold forms of nature motifs, Ghali from Sharkiya governorate is one of those artist who mastered this art of carving lemon wood  to produce wonderful popular brides represent all Egyptians in the daily life, characters like farmers, qahwaji, dancer, Termes seller, beans seller and the jar bearer, everything you can imagine from the Egyptian folklore He produces by his hands. he also trained a lot of young men forming a new generation of creative artist in this field.

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