mother-of-pearl darbuka

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color White
size meduim ( 50 cm )
material Wood


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mother of pearl crafts

From:El Hussein & El Darasa

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Arts of mother of pearl is popular in Khan el-Khalili and Hussein, and also in the village of "musuem of mother of pearl " sakia Almnkadi in Menoufia governorate. This village holds a mighty number of well traind artists, there fingertips wrapped - as they say - with silk. Every day they carve the name of their village, and put it back in the Arab art scene in it's righteous place, with their special skills and precision, adults and children. The village of "mother of pearl", located north of Cairo (about 60 km) of Ashmun the center of one of the most important Monofia centers and it got the reward of the best center in the Egyptian country , and most of its inhabitants work in the craft of decorating with pearls, through dozens of special workshops in this craft, which form with each other a daily competition in precision, skill and searching for new ideas, in formations and methods of decorating. The village is home to about 70 workshop making pearls decoration products and antiques with about 1000 workers, and production capacity approaching 1.6 million pieces per year. you can find these workshops part of the artisans home or beside the village fields every workshop includes at least two dozen workers. By this working method the village was able to overcome the problem of unemployment and the liberation of the mainstream culture of waiting for a government job or «torab Al miri», as the Egyptians call it. This Industry goes through four stages:  The production of the wooden boxes.  decoration with pearls.  polishing. Preparation and marketing. · If needed some products are lined with cloth in a fifth stage as in the wooden boxes products. The workshops specialized in cutting natural seashells cut small and large pieces according to the required shapes, and here we take into consideration the type and size of the decoration piece, the bigger pieces are easier to use in the decoration and the smaller pieces takes more time for precision and perfection

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