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color yellow ( black brown mix )
size meduim ( 35 cm )
material Wood

.only for show, for request please send us direct emial 

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Basma A. Habib

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مساء الخير عليكوا، تصحيح بسيط: هذه الآلة تسمى آلة الأرغول وبالإنجليزية (double flute) وهى آلة فرعونية قديمة تصنع من البوص.

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Papyrus Crafts

From:Sharkia Gov.

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Qramous village , the famous vilage in Delta egypt for make papyrus paper, by more than 30 years know anything about a papyrus did not think of cultivation and processing, but by chance alone are led to be months and only in Egypt that do. «Adil Abdul Salam» One of the villagers said that the credit for the spread of cultivation and industry is due to «Anas Mustafa» one of her sons and works fine artists, watch papyrus planted somewhere in Cairo, the thought of cultivation, did not expect to be feasible especially when they were surprised that he was wanted because of for being a popular tourist commodity, and began to expand its cultivation and even established a workshop for manufactured even spread to the whole village. The word papyrus refers both to the writing support invented by the ancient Egyptians (35.9.19a–e), and the plant from which they made this material. An excavation of a tomb at Saqqara discovered the earliest known roll of papyrus, dated to around 2900 B.C., and papyrus continued to be used until the eleventh century A.D. even as paper, invented in China became the most popular writing material for the Arab world around the eighth century A.D. In ancient Egypt, texts could be written on papyrus in hieroglyphs hieratic script, or demotic script, and later papyrus was used in Greek, Coptic, Latin, Aramaic, and Arabic documents. With minor variations, the papyrus roll was produced essentially the same way throughout its approximately 4,000-year history. In addition to its function as a material for writing, papyrus was used in rope, basketry, sandals, and other everyday items. The botanical name for the papyrus plant is Cyperus papyrus, denoting that it belongs in the large Cyperaceae family of sedge plants. Although today the plant no longer grows in the  Egyptian Nile Valley , it is generally accepted that during antiquity it was common and indigenous to the area. While papyrus grew wild along the Nile, the possibility that it also may have been cultivated for use in papermaking has been explored but remains an open question. "Most papyrus art sold today comes from small workshops and factories based in the eastern governorate of Al Sharkia, 83 kilometres from Cairo. That was the source of papyrus even at the times of the pharaohs,". Genuine papyrus, made from the ‘Cyperus plant', has its fibres in cross hatches [it is visible when you hold it up to the light]. Fake papyrus is made from banana leaf or sugar cane and is extremely brittle and deteriorates rapidly." Today's procedures are similar to what Egyptians used to do more than 3,000 years ago. The manufacturing process starts with stripping off the papyrus plant's green outer layer, then cutting the pith into thin strips, laying the strips in an interlaced grid pattern and pressing hard using a warmed press before soaking them in water for six days to get rid of the white colour. They are then soaked for ten more days to lend them a more brownish colour," source: http://www.metmuseum.org/ , http://gulfnews.com/the-sacred-art-of-papyrus-1.756756

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