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It is a Gold Ornament of 68 mm, and the largest width of its 53-mm Triangle, which is an ornament for a front that is often worn with another ornament of head and hair called arsenals, which is flat-shaped. From the top of a rectangular duct, Msẖrsẖr (neck) of the same triangle gold is 28 mm, and the neck ends with a stolen space, one of which is at the end of a small cylinder (Bouquet) and inside a large circle of wire, half Mm or a little bit bigger and 20 mm to comment from it and a triangle that is a decorative object with an inverted "T" in a prominent circle like a ball, and in every corner of three corners, three smaller circles. The Center is in the form of half-Corpus, and it arrives between each and the last two distinct lines, and between them a line of salient points as well, and around this figure, there are thousands of people in the corners of the triangle, as well as a In the middle of the triangle, it appears in the form of t in English. And with the two musketeers. It is an ornament of gold that is usually worn with Silver Rahman Length " 320 " mm, which is a composite chain on it and is removed from " 12 " unit or small state flat as rich figure length " 35 " mm and bigger And the biggest offer is "23" mm, and each of them has a distinctive form of doctor in shape and shape, but it is smaller, and it consists of a prominent decoration of a flower like a lotus like a lotus in the upper corner. It has a tape of prominent lines in the middle of it, and down there is now that they are crossed over each of them with a little star and between them from the bottom of a drunk star, which is made from a 23.5-caliber, pure, high He felt the front and Jean-head and usually attached to her in the middle of the front, the Silver Ornament of the merciful, and its origin came back to prehistoric times, like

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Nubia Women Community

From:Aswan/ Nubia

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Nubians lovers of heritage, arts and crafts, professions and many developers for the character they own, and crossing through which the beauty of the great Nubia and their customs and traditions and the great heritage which dates back to the era of the Pharaohs authentic. Nubian women since ancient times known as exercising daily for some distinctive handicrafts. It adopted so totally dependent on local resources that largesse of the Nubian region by the source of those resources are agricultural crops and trees that exist in the region as well as other natural sources such as clay mud, which made him an honorary Pots and some limestone and non-calcareous stones that go one way or the other in some manufactures hand. The agricultural crops and trees, the palm tree come in the forefront as human Nubian depends on the Palm in his daily life, depending almost essential, Nubian women marked with the letter colored wicker and called on the workers wicker craft industry Name (Akhawash) craft items wicker often carried out by women, and is transmitted by heredity. Where the mother is keen to teach her daughter the assets of the craft, and in some communities men share with women, especially in the large manufacturing baskets. The wicker dye different colors are available at shops Perfumery and dyeing usually begins to boil water in a large bowl and set the dye is then required to drop the desired colored wicker and leave for 5 minutes then lifted from the water and placed in the shade to dry. The milky white wicker or are such that acquires this color due to exposure to the sun for a limited period of time with evaporated. When wicker manufacturing has to be soaked in warm water to soften even easier, whether wicker Normal or colored assortment because dyeing to Atzul water and then lubricate wicker begins manufacturing work long pigtail and different display plexus by production type and the greater the supply, the number of wicker used papers and has become the industry harder and after Spit-making wicker is formed by product to be workmanship and often are using a broad and long needle (made when mourning specially for this purpose) and thread may be sometimes of wool to decorate I have for often be wicker palm dome, where a resilient References: Khaald Abdul Majid: Specialized studies in the Nubian crafts

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