Oases pottery

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color brown , offwhite
material Clay-pottery
size small ( 12 cm )


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qasr pottery

From:Dakhla Oases

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The pottery industry is one of the traditional occupations known in the new valley governorate since ancient times, and frequently visited by tourists from all over the world for the acquisition of those artistic handicrafts. The most popular area for making these craft is Kharga Oasis Village and the "Islamic palace center", where the famous factory of pottery is located in this village which so named "Al fahkhora" because it is a great center for the pottery industry and its products. The history of pottery and porcelain industry in the oasis known back from the Romanian or Pharaonic era and it still a main industry there made by the people of the Oasis, and that because the importance of pottery products in the daily requirements of their life and we can see it in cooking and drinking  bowls and preservation plates of grain wheat and barley and other foods. Also this industry was known since ancient Egyptians on the land of the oasis, where a lot of pottery bowls was found in the Pharaonic and Roman tombs  confirms that the Egyptian man was and still practicing this craft. The pottery as a traditional handicrafts took the interest of the people of that region since ancient time, despite that the oases community is originally an agricultural society always depends on local raw materials that help in agriculture operations and eliminate its daily needs. Which also gave the raw material to this industry to thrive.

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