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color brown
size small ( 17 x 28 cm )
material Wood , sand

Ahmed Wahba, 55, an Egyptian artist, was born the desert oasis of Kharga (West), love the desert and all its creations, the beauty breathtaking, and that gave him the opportunity to draw paintings sand desert reflect the culture of his hometown and roam the world countries. This is a sample of his fine talant from painting with sands.

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Wahba Sand Arts

From:Kharga Oasis

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Sands are his home life, his talent and his being, wherein live on the land of the oases in the New Valley, including his drawings inspired by the most beautiful oases that fascinates people and visitors to the opposition, inside and buried his fame and talents, which exit date has not come to light. Allowahata Pentecostal artist Ahmed Wahba, was able to hire its own environment surrounding sand in the exquisite drawings in which he expressed everything in the oasis. Ahmed Wahba, 55, an Egyptian artist, was born the desert oasis of Kharga (West), love the desert and all its creations, the beauty breathtaking, and that gave him the opportunity to draw paintings sand desert reflect the culture of his hometown and roam the world countries. From nature, palms and houses colors, taking the gift of the spirit of his paintings, and I accept it visitors from inside and outside the oasis for the acquisition of his drawings. Looking in the desert valley on the different colors of sand, and Atahnha simple tools to reflect on the nature of the place to spread his work in the tourist villages in Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab. Beginning with the drawing was since childhood, and in his youth discovered Alon diverse sand that God put in nature, gradient between white, yellow and even red and brown, and had come out Vitahnha and draws it out by glue, drawing out the streets and houses and people. That his attempts for the success of the idea of ​​drawing with sand and faced many obstacles because it was aimed at drawing boards "acquired" which continues on the same quality for many years with the acquired, without falling sand or damage them. To that gift and extracted from the desert mountains of white material it adds them to the White glue used in his paintings; this article learned working to install on the drawing boards. Artist applies Younis, described Ahmed Wahba as a '' paste colors of nature '', he is an artist feels function colors its sense and his talent, and his mark no one can of artists to imitate, it is '' inspired by nature '', as he called, The Artist Salah Said, Artist and sculptor Allowahata, said that " the gift of multi-talented; it calligrapher and painter who can embody me with any position, but sand colors and painted in his own way, the summit in the extravaganza, where embody the simplicity and beauty of the desert environment". References Text: part of an article in the newspaper El Mandara and Egyptian today

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