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kafr el sheikh

Kafr el-Sheikh governorate is one of the prominent Deltaic province, which is situated on the northern part of Egypt, along the western bank of River Nile, Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, which was once part of the Gharbia Governorate, was created in 1949. It was originally named "Fuadiyah" in honor of King Fuad I of Egypt. After the 1952 Revolution and the subsequent abolition of the monarchy, the governorate took the name of its capital city Kafr El Sheikh. This name, adopted in 1955, means "the village of the chief" This governorate is so named to pay homage to the Sufi saint Sheikh Talha Abi Said el-Telmesany, who came here from Morocco in 600 AD and settled in this region. But literally, this name means ‘the village of the chief’ in local Egyptian language, This fertile deltaic area enables rich cultivation of wheat, rice, cotton and beets. Fishing is another important occupation and source of income in this region.

The tourists are highly interested for visiting this region, due to the presence of el-Borolos Lake, Desook Park, Mosque of Sayeed Talha Abi Said el-Telmesany, Mosque of Sayeed Ibrahim el-Desooky, Virgin Mary Church, historical monuments of Sakha Hills and Faraeen Hills and also the residence of the legendary revolutionary leader Saad Zaghloul. Balteem summer resort is a favorite vacation spot of many Egyptians, as well as the foreigners.

Fuwah, Egyptian city dubbed as the city of mosques, located in the far north of the Delta, Kafr El-Sheikh, Commercial factor played an important role in the prosperity of the city of Fuwah the Mamluk period in particular, has been interested in the Mamluk sultans trade, which represented an important resource of the Egyptian economy resources in that era, and it was the sultans issue from time to time decrees urging principals stomata on the treatment of traders treated well, and include this advice and guidance, including the decrees issued by the Sultan Kalawoon Researchers Islamists City Fuwah was considered self-cities that have grown and evolved over a long historical periods of several conditions related to geographical location and its business being on transport and trade routes.

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