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Sharkia Gov.

Sharqia Governorate ,  is the 3rd most populous of the governorates of Egypt. Located in the northern part of the country, its capital is the city of Zagazig.

The national day of the Al Sharqia governorate is the 9th of September which is a day on which Ahmed Qrabi confronted against the Khedive Twakif in the year 1881. The emblem of this governorate is green signifying the ample agricultural land and a picture of a white horse in the center due to its popularity as a breeding ground for Arabian horses. 

It located in the place of the eastern province of three historic religious ways which adds to the Eastern nobility and originality. Using exit Moses, peace be upon him with his people from Egypt Qintair passable road to the validity and then to Kantara. Sir Holy Family line. East has been visiting the Holy Family and stay in Tel unrolled and Bilbes. Captivating coming of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to Egypt. After the martyrdom of al-Husayn, God bless attic has left the Sayeda Zeinab B Allahanha Medina chose Egypt to reside Vouseln to the town of Abu Hammad Alabashahdy villages center and Abbassa they took to Fustat

Other activities at the governorate which are famous are the breeding of Arabian horses which has helped Al Sharqia in becoming an important horse market in Egypt. This has led the governorate organize a grand horse festival annually. The areas which are very popular for the breeding of horses in the governorate include Salheyia, Anshas, Bani Gery, and Saoud Island. Hunting of deer by ducks and falcons is another activity which makes Al Sharqia famous. The governorate is a true exemplification of the old and the new with many monuments from all ages, which adorn the place, manifolds attracting tourists from far and wide. 

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